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​​​​Welcome to Yeomans Psychology and Teaching, the website of J & M Yeomans Limited. 

​We offer a range of services related to psychology and teaching. Our distinctive approach to delivering psychology is based on the use of Dynamic Assessment. You can find out more here 

Psychology services are delivered by Dr Jane Yeomans, HCPC Registered Practitioner Psychologist. 

Chess is the main teaching activity of J & M Yeomans. Mike Yeomans offers a range of tuition services. You can find out more on our chess page


Educational Psychology Service

We use the image of a bridge in our logo because it illustrates our view of psychology and teaching.

Thinking skills and processes are very important to us. Our years of experience in education has led us to the view that it's important for children and young people (and adults!) to learn how to be effective thinkers. Thinking skills (or cognitive functions, or cognitive abilities, or process skills..........there are a number of different titles) aren't tied to any one particular subject. They help us to learn and to be flexible in our learning. The bridge symbolises the idea that thinking skills provide a 'bridge' into all sorts of learning. So, for example, if you use the thinking skill of comparison, you can apply this to maths (more and less), literacy (does my spelling of this word match what's in the dictionary), history (compare the reign of Henry VII and Henry VIII)....and so on. Chess is a great example of the way in which thinking skills can be used, and it provides an excellent vehicle for developing these skills too. 

Jane and Mike Yeomans

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